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TAKECITE CCU powder is produced by capturing CO2 and undergoing appropriate treatment.
TAKECITE CCU powder is produced by capturing CO2 and undergoing appropriate treatment.

Takecite is a newly invented decarbonised material made from industrial waste.

There is growing momentum worldwide to address climate change. Our society is reaching a major milestone in its transition to a circular model that is as sustainable as possible.

TAKECITE, Japan's decarbonized carbon material, is made from industrial waste generated by ready-mixed concrete plants and is designed to minimize the environmental burden.

Lime is typically manufactured by extracting calcium carbonate raw materials from mountains. However, TAKECITE uses patented technology to reform wasted concrete sludge from ready-mixed concrete plants into porous calcium carbonate to produce recycled carbon material.

TAKECITE has achieved significant cost savings by using unused resources. Additionally, the use of TAKECITE at construction sites, which currently spend large sums of money on industrial waste disposal, offers the advantage of significantly reducing disposal costs.

As a pioneering recycled carbon manufacturer, we continue our research, development, and promotion activities day and night to accelerate the transition to an ideal future for the Earth and the ideal form of industry through the promotion and utilization of TAKECITE.


Redesign the industry as it should be

All TAKECITE activities are aimed at transforming the global environment and industrial society to their ideal states, following the natural principles, just as water flows from high to low. We strive to ensure that our daily lives do not undermine these principles in the future. We believe in the significance of our mission and are dedicated to this cause.


Create a new standard

The construction industry faces many challenges in transitioning to a sustainable future. At TAKECITE, we place great importance on driving significant changes in the industry as a whole.

We are developing a range of standards and specifications that exceed industrial applications and environmental compliance. We believe the key to transformation lies not just in change itself, but in collaboration with others who share our vision for a better future.

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Representative Director Masanari Takeda
Establishment 2017/2/20
Location Postal Code 420-8023
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