Responding to someone else's problems
Problem-solving mentality

As with material development, TAKECITE values the "problem-solving" mentality.

Construction sites are harsh workplaces. While the industry as a whole is under pressure to shift to a sustainable and environmentally friendly model, many construction sites do not give priority to addressing such issues and continue to work in the conventional way. For example, despite calls for a shift to a recycling-oriented society, there are still reports of gray areas in industrial waste disposal.

Rather than neglecting these problems and putting a lid on the issues at hand, we at TAKECITE want to work to solve the issues facing the industry with a sense of responsibility to society and our own sense of ethics. We will embody the spirit of solving problems from the standpoint of a venture company, without falling into the trap of prioritizing immediate profit. We believe that global environmental issues and the transition to a recycling-oriented society are based on the accumulation of such small efforts.

We have received many inquiries from related companies who share our spirit. All of TAKECITE's current product developments have been created to solve someone else's problem.

To solve problems requires wisdom, ingenuity, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit to persevere in the face of challenges, sometimes in solitude. We at TAKECITE value the strong spirit that drives us to solve problems.