Issuance of New Shares by way of Allotment to Mitsubishi Corporation


TAKECITE has issued new shares to Mitsubishi Corporation. We are determined to strengthen our management base and strive for further business expansion.

Through this financing, we will implement growth measures such as capital investment to increase the manufacturing capacity of our main product, Lubri*1, a pressure-feeding advance material. In addition, we will accelerate the development of new applications for "Takecite," a low-carbon material derived from industrial waste (concrete sludge), and strengthen our management base by deepening our ties with Mitsubishi Corporation and utilizing the company's contacts and networks with a wide range of industries, in order to further expand our business.

Through the reuse of concrete sludge, we will contribute to solving the industrial problem of disposal of leftover and returned concrete, which has not been solved for a long time, and contribute to the realization of a circular economy in the construction, cement, and ready-mixed concrete industries, and ultimately, a low-carbon society.