Ruburi is a new, environmentally friendly product that replaces the mortar preforms currently in widespread use in the industry, simultaneously reducing both CO2 emissions and waste at the concrete placement site.

A single case of Ruburi can serve as a precompaction agent for an overwhelming distance of approximately 50 meters, eliminating the need for precompaction water and other muddy water treatment that has been necessary up to now. In addition, since there is no need to add water and mix the product, it can be simply "added" to the container to serve as a precursory agent.

The product itself is colored a highly visible pink, making it easy to distinguish from ready-mixed concrete.

This is a new type of environmentally friendly pre-formulation agent that responds to the growing SDGs and compliance needs at construction sites.

  • Main ingredient, raw concrete sludge
  • World's first advance agent using cellulose nanofibers
  • NETIS registered technology (CB-180006-VE)  
  • Designated as technology for utilization promotion by the Chubu Regional Development Bureau in FY 2020.
  • Application for standardization is pending with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (The first advance agent)
  • Product adopted for use in the New Market Creation Type Standardization System



What are the effects of mixing with ready-mixed concrete?

Ruburi has the characteristic of being diluted with water. Therefore, if a certain amount of Ruburi is mixed with ready-mixed concrete, a decrease in compressive strength will occur.

Therefore, in order to clarify how much Ruburi should be mixed into ready-mixed concrete, JQA, a third-party organization, conducted a compressive strength test by adding Ruburi into ready-mixed concrete in several patterns. As a result, it was determined that a decrease in compressive strength was observed when Ruburi was mixed with fresh concrete by 2% by volume.

In principle, we request customers to dispose of Ruburi after use.

If you need the results of the comparison test with the conventional technology in the cylinder tip test, please contact us separately.

Safety Data Sheet

If you have any questions that are not clear from the published safety data sheets, please contact us separately.

Material Approval Application and Technical Proposal and Track Record of Use

Please inquire separately if you need a Material Approval Application and a Technical Proposal.

We have prepared these documents. We have proposed our products to clients for public works, government properties, and large-scale private projects, and have received their approval. The above is only a partial list.

RUBURI User Manual

Ruburi, a pre-emergent, should be used according to the manual for maximum effectiveness.

It may be tedious, but please read the catalog and manual before using Ruburi.

In particular, the pumping speed is a very important factor.

Businesses handled

  • MUCC Construction Materials Corporation
    Tokyo Branch Sales Department 2
  • Uehara Sei Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • Tokuyama Tsusho Co., Ltd.
  • Suzuyo Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • Shintosangyo Co., Ltd.