Tera is an improver that can be applied to concrete remaining in the hopper of a concrete pump truck after the pumping of ready-mixed concrete to change it into a crushed stone state.

Tera can drastically reduce the amount of leftover concrete that used to have to be disposed of at construction sites.

It is also very simple to use. Simply spray Tera onto the concrete residue in the hopper and knead it for 3 minutes. Water consumption for cleaning around the hopper is also reduced, and crushed stone can be dispersed directly into the construction site parking lot or landfilled, making the process environmentally friendly.

  • NETIS registered product (CB-180033-A)
  • Approved and recommended by the National Federation of Concrete Pumping Business Associations
    *Our products are the only products available in the market.



Effects of treated materials on soil after TERA use

Toxic substances (especially hexavalent chromium) in the residue treated with Tera are reduced and rendered harmless at the same time as reforming. Therefore, there is no elution of toxic substances from the treated material modified with Tera, so you can use it with peace of mind.

There are ready-mixed concrete products that cannot be reformed with ordinary Tera depending on their composition. Especially, for blends containing thickening agents, etc., please inquire separately as there are special products for this purpose.

Safety Data Sheet

If you have any questions that are not clear from the published safety data sheets, please contact us separately.

Material Approval Application and Technical Proposal

Please inquire separately if you need a Material Approval Application and a Technical Proposal.

We have prepared these documents. We have proposed and received approval from clients for public works, government properties, and large-scale private projects.

TERA User Manual

Tera should be used according to the manual for maximum effectiveness.

Please read the catalog and manual before using Tera.