Collaboration Agreement for the Realization of the Shizuoka DAC Project

TAKECITE Corporation signed a partnership agreement with Shizuoka City, Obayashi Corporation, Suzuyo Corporation, and Mitsubishi Shoji & Kenzai Corporation at Shizuoka City Hall on January 31, 2023. We will deepen our partnership with these companies to realize a decarbonized society by using "Takecite", a product made from recycled ready-mixed concrete sludge with Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, as a material for a wide variety of products.

Outline of the Agreement

The Shizuoka DAC Project is a public-private partnership that aims to reduce environmental impact by reducing industrial waste and fixing carbon dioxide emissions, and to achieve economic growth by reducing processing costs and expanding distribution of products.

DAC (direct air capture) is a generic term for technologies that directly capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In the Shizuoka DAC project, ready-mixed concrete sludge, an industrial waste, is used as material for DAC to produce carbonate.

The technology will be developed so that the produced carbonate can be used as a material for carbon-negative concrete and as a substitute for industrial calcium carbonate, which is used in a wide variety of applications.

In order to realize the above, the five parties have concluded a collaboration agreement to conduct development research and commercialization in cooperation with each other.

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